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Meet Nala! Our beautiful ruby red wavy coated first-generation cavoodle. Nala is like no other, she is curious, adventurous, and has the biggest personality you will ever meet. She is cheeky, full of energy and can jump as high as a kangaroo, and loves cuddles. Her favorite place to go is to the beach, where she loves to swim and will do anything for a bite of fish and chips.


Mia has a unique ruby curly/wavy coat and is very petite, extremely affectionate, and loveable. Our little Mia is a tail-wagger bum wiggler who gets so excited and will do anything for a cuddle. She is very intelligent and knows how to work her charm to get a head scratch! She is very calm, placid and enjoys the company of others, she loves being around her hoomans and will never leave your side.


Our handsome man Louie! Don't let his charming face fool you, he is cheeky! He is full of character, adventure and is very curious. He has a love for food and will eat just about anything, he loves to pass time by playing with his toys, chasing the birds, and cuddle with his companions. He has a beautiful Ruby wavy coat, not to mention his stunning white markings. Louie will never pass up the opportunity to go on a walk and go exploring.

as a Cavoodle breeder

About Elisa

"My name is Elisa Ranieri and I am a small Breeder of Toy Cavoodle puppies in Sydney, Australia. I have raised and had dogs my entire life and have grown a passion for the growth and development of Cavoodles.

It is my aim as your Cavoodle breeder, to raise your puppy with all the right tools to help aid a life full of success and ensure to do all the hard work for you, so when your little bundle of joy arrives you can just enjoy! It can be so overwhelming and very exciting getting a new puppy and with loads to remember I try and make it as easy as possible!"

"Elisa is one of the kindest and most patient people I have ever met and took care of any questions, big or small or ridiculous, I honestly couldn’t have found anyone better than Elisa to help make things as easy as possible through the stage between Coco’s purchase and her arrival".
Coco's Mum
About Cavoodle Breeder

Oodle Life 1# Cavoodle Breeder

Here at Oodle Life, I think it is profound that Cavoodle puppies are raised from birth in an environment that is full of opportunity, development and fun. Through my passion and love for animals I have thoroughly researched and run my puppies through my own curriculum and training plans that will provide each puppy with the best possible start to this crazy thing we call life and provides them with the up most opportunity to reach their full potential. Breeders can impact a puppies life in more ways than one and it is crucial they are brought up in a space where they feel safe, loved, nurtured and have endless opportunities to explore.

What makes us different

We make it easy for you to meet your Furbaby

Oodle Life Puppies are supported along their developmental path and are encouraged to try new things even if they may seem scary and therefore, I ensure they leave my care with all the right tools to aid them for a world of success in their new homes.

I offer support 24/7 for life, I am always contactable and you will be sure to receive a well wished happy birthday each year!

Each Cavoodle puppy will undergo our program with training sessions each day to ensure they are ready to leave. I cover a multitude of topics including, sit, shake, leave it, name recognition, stay, crate training, toilet training and more.

Along with this I provide each family with an extensive puppy pack that comes home with their newest little addition.

I do all the hard work for you so that you can enjoy your little bundle of joy.

My aim as a Cavoodle breeder is for our Cavoodle puppies to compliment your life and by undergoing our program  it takes the pressure off families especially when puppies come home. I focus on excercises that prevent anxiety especially when it comes to being handled and groomed through daily exercises. I also ensure they are exposed to a wide variety of noises to assist in desensitising them to noises in everyday life.